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Don't throw away that old swing set!

Do you remember those old wobbly swingsets in the 80s? Jeff Foxworthy once did a hilarious bit about how his dad never secured the legs with concrete and the noises it would make when he would swing on it when he was a kid.

...but I digress.

When we bought out house the previous homeowners left this old swing set behind. But it turns out the A frame was perfect for an outdoor theater

All we had to do was:

  1. Unhook the swing and slide
  2. Sand it down
  3. Spray paint it
  4. Hook up a projector screen to it

What was really cool was that we bought our projector screen and projector from a school that auctioned off its surplus at the end of the year. The screen had hooks that screwed on to A frame, easy peasy!

This has been really cool because we can move the A frame around the yard to find the spots with the best shade!

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