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How my ADHD helps me

I have ADHD. For years this seemed to be a hindrance. Going to college and looking for a conventional career was expected but I always struggled in school. Part of it was not being able to apply my book learning to a real world setting. In 2009 I joined the IBEW electrical apprenticeship program. Finally this gave me the ability to work with my hands and merge the things I learned in the IBEW classroom with the training they gave me on the job. It was great experience. The only thing that I continued to struggle with in this new environment was a pressure to perform at faster pace. Most people don't know this, but ADHD isn't just about a lack of focus. Some people tend to hyper-focus. I was obsessed with doing things the right way, and doing things by the book. The pressure to work fast sometimes got me flustered. Finally, in August of 2017, I decided to try to start my own handyman business. So far it has been a great success. I can finally put my obsessive traits to good use and the home owners that I have worked with have appreciated my attention to detail and my need to be thorough. It has been a very fulfilling, and exhausting experience!

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